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Things We Do For Love - S01 E17 (Story Episode)

Things We Do For Love - S01  E17 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 17

“Ok! I will do that, just hold it in a minute.” Fred replyed me back and upto now as i write this am still waiting for that video. Fred wont risk sending that video. He will never do that ’cause its a crime and illigal to record or have that video in my country. Its pernishable by 7year in prison or a fine as per judge wish but not less than 1.5 million country money….

If he would have sent the video to me, i would have used it as my weapon to manipulate all of them. What Mitchel did was to bad. It was painful and i couldnt hold it on.

Being honest was one of our promises we made when we started dating. And for sure she was honest until when Fred came along. I loved mitchell and i remember how we first me. It was April five, three years ago when i met her in a matatu on my way to the Mwawutavo market. It was quite evening at around 3pm. The weather was too cloudy simingly to rain anytime. There are few motors that passes along our home area so it hard taken me almost a half an hour before i managed to secure that matatu which came along with only one empty remaining seat that like if it was reserved for me. Next to me sat a beautiful, cute girl. With a vivacious looks.

Not for a while after the matatu took off, i found my heart talking to me urgging me to talk to her, atleast to say something to this pretty girl…

I found it deficult wanting to talk to her even though my heart kept on telling me to talk 2 her. I do fear ladies. A flashback on what Lucy used to do to me still sends me chills in my heart. I dont know why Lucy kept me harbouring heart pains, fear of loving again, bitternes, angry , agony and emotionaly struck. But my heart kept telling me that this girl seating next to me is a different one from the rest that i had before. My heart wanted to prove to me how am still strong and it will be a failur if i didnt talk to her and forget what had long happened. ‘Make things right here. This could be your only chance and you know chance come once in a life time and it was unfair if i didnt take it.’ my heart deeply urgged me. My seat grew hoter despite the chilling weather. Hmmm! But how was i going to tel the girl seated next to the nearest to the closed window to open it? If i had to do it myself then our bodies must come into contact in one way or the other…


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