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Things We Do For Love - S01 E18 (Story Episode)

Things We Do For Love - S01  E18 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 18

The girl seemed to be so busy with her smartphone samsung J7. At my side i had to behave like if i have forgoten my smartphone in the house. I dint want her to see my bandaged batonised itell 1110 which i had switched it off and kept it in a bag. Yeah! I always avoids shame. The girl seemed to to be whatsaping someone special. I wondered who could that be? Maybe its her boyfriend trying to ask her how was her day going on or where could she be or playing mad for one another that “am always yours dear” thing. I couldnt master enough caurage to ask her to open the windo for me cause i didnt know what to say if it happened that she asks me why, cause telling her its to hot at this kind of weather and more on this month when people are expecting heavy rains for their planting seasons will not make sense. What if i say i was suffocating, hmm! I might accidentaly say i was fornicating or will say i felt like spewing, so i went ahead and tried to open it my self and in that process i…

…so i went ahead and tried to to open it myself and in that process i accidentaly knocked her phone offhands something that seemed to be very deliberately. I tried to show that i was sorry and that i didnt mean to do that.

I forgot about the window and started groveling for her phone of which she was also doing without saying a word.

Our hands met down there and our fingers interlocked as we looked at each other directly into the eyes as if asking each other, ‘wha is that?’.

I real felt the wormth of her hands. They felt so smooth and perfect interlocked in mine and immediately we let go of each other and we emberked back into our mission ‘serching the phone’ and after a while i found it. ‘Here!’ i said as she receved it and without a word she went ahead and opened the windo for me. Alot of air gushed in only to realize that was making me sweat and so i gestured her to close it back something she did without a word and finaly i opted to break the silence..

‘Hi!’ i said only to be answered by a frowned face. ‘I am sorry, i didnt know that will hurt you neither did i intended to do it.’ i plead to he deep down in my heart asking myself how could my heart lie to me? As she still looked at me. ‘Ooh am sorry i dint mean to anoy u.’ I said again.

“It’s ok,” she answered. Taking the chance of her answer i said to her, “am Twino!” As i extended my hand to her. Looking direct into my eyes with a beautiful smile she said, “I am Mitchell.” Her smile sent shivers into my brain that formated my mind making an immediately instalation of new brain software. “Nice to meet you Mitchy.” i said as i let her hand go something i didnt want to. She had an amethyst eyes, crimson like, brown eyes which reflected my image. Her eyes realy were seducive.

Her lips were red roses, overwashed with dew, glistening in delight. In deed her lips are beautiful enticing flower full with nector of love. Honestly she had lovely smiles and


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