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Things We Do For Love - S01 E19 (Story Episode)

Things We Do For Love - S01  E19 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 19

Honestly she had a lovely smile and a lovely eyes. “Am on my way to the market.” I said to her.

“ooh! Am on my way” she replyed back. “Hmmm! So you live in Mwawutavo town?” i asked her and yes was her answer. Where could she be coming from anyway?

Maybe she had gone visiting one of her relatives or one of her boyfriends? A girl of this kind ‘greatest beauty ‘ cant be underestmated. She might be coming from a sponser, who knows anyway? I dint want to know more of her whereabouts . The point is she is on her way home if she doesnt lie. “If u dont mind can i have your contacts? I asked her. ‘Ok’ she said. Hmmm does it mean is just this easy getting her contacts.

Then why did i took to long asking for the same. Am i not strong enough that i can wet my pants just for a contact? Shame on me!

“Hey brother your fare please,” its the voice of the matatu conductor that brought me back to my senses. “Am gonna drop at the market gate.” i replied back to him as i realise that Mitchy was already pushing…


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