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My Dream - S01 E16 (Story Episode)

My Dream - S01  E16 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 16

By: Stonez

I dropped in front of my mother house,i knocked on the gate and the mallam at the gate opened up,he asked who i was looking for and i told him my mother is his boss,he allowed me in,immediately i entered into the compound,the aroma of what my mother was cooking wellcomed me,i’ve really missed her cooks/food,i knocked on the door and a beautiful girl of about my age opened the door,i greeted her,”u must be frank” she said,i replied her and she opened the door wide for me to enter,i entered and sat down while she went through the corridor to call my mother,i looked round the sitting room and noticed she has made some changes in setting and decorating the sitting room,it look great….

She appeared from the corridor beaming with smiles,i stood up as she enveloped me in a motherly hug,she started crying and saying i’ve really changed and that i’ve grown up,i hugged her back,to be sincere i also miss her……..

She sat down and introduced the girl to me as her friend’s daughter who came to spend the weekend with her,her name is Grace,my mom left to check what she was cooking in the kitchen leaving me alone with the girl,i noticed she knew a lot me as we were dicussing,i asked her if she knew me before and skwhe replied by saying “who willjjj not know the popular frankjngdsj of kings college”,i wasn suprised that she knew me,i asked if she also a student of kings college,she said that she is in ss2c,my mom called her and they set the table together and we all sat down to eat,i must confess the food is really delicious…

After eating,we talked about a lot of things,i discovered that my mom now run a resturant and a boutique,i left her place around 7pm,i took a cab to our estate gate,and walked down to our house,i knocked on our gate and the guard opened up,o entered and met mr femi talking with her daughters in the sitting room obviously they were waiting for me,i greeted them and sat down beside jane on the sofa….

He said i should not forget about 2moro’s outing,he asked how my mother was doing,i went to my room after we finish our discussion….

I went to bed early knowing that tomorrow is gonna be long and stressful….

I woke up the nxt morning which was sunday with a knock on my door,i opened up to see mr femi telling me to get ready for church. I took my bath,wore the cloth he gave me,with a pull-over on top…we left for church,church service was boring as it use to be,i was just praying that the pastor should end his sermon so we can leave…

After the service,the pastor said the men of the church will be having a meeting,mr femi gave us the car key and ask us to wait in the car for him,i plugged my earphones into my ear as i sat in the front and started listening to cool music..

They finished their meeting after an hour,we left the church premises to his friend house,we drove for like 30mins and stopped in front of one big house,ho honked and the driver opened the gate,we drove in and park in the lot,our host were already waiting for us…we got down from the car



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