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The Game I Played - S01 E10 (Story Episode)

The Game I Played - S01  E10 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 10

Abdul Pov
After i got to Bro Afeez home, I felt relaxed, at least now i have a home to sleep and he had promised to help me with feeding, so this things makes me feel comfortable.

That evening he sent me to the market to go get some food stuff since there’s non in the house again, but on gettin there, I was a little delayed because what I intended to buy wasn’t seen so i needed to search around the market, that was why i got back late that evening, but on getting home, I met a guy there, from instincts I felt the two must have been staying here together because I noticed his belongings that was been dropped somewhere in the room, I greeted him before i later went on my way, I cooked some vegetables while we all eat eba that very day for dinner. The following day, I worked up late and the reason was because of the stress i pass through yesterday evening, it was that morning i got to realize that the same person that helped me when people had gathered around to kill me when i was attempting to steal was also doing the same. At first, I was surprised when Bro Afeez told us that he steal to survived, and he had been doing it for years, and no one had ever caught him before, this things got my attention, how do you do it, I manage to asked him, he told me series of way to steal without the person awareness, that was when i realized that nobody should be trusted again, I can’t believe he’s for real, someone I took as my mentor was not a different type, I remembered where i was coming from and where i got myself, maybe this is destiny i concluded. We talked and learn throughout that day which makes me believe that I can do better than Bro Afeez. Bro Stanley on the other hand was seen listening attentively to what that was been said that morning.

After series of talking i decided to go try my luck and see what i can do, but the suggestion wasn’t good enough for them, so we both went out and see who brings in highest money, then Bro Afeez laughed at me and Bro Stanley , okay let makes a deal he continued, who makes the highest money will be the leader of this crew, I smiled, if they had known that I will be the winner of the two, I said in my mind. Deal I heard bro Stanley said while i said after too, we all went out, we’re coming back by 8pn in the evening bro Afeez warn. we all went on our different ways.
«« I knew competition like this can only be won in a area where people gather, but sincerely my courage isn’t up to that so i went to a street at oshodi, I entered a shop, the place was a busy place, people where eaten both left and right and the place was very big, so i went to sit at a place where some guys where sitting, my intention was to think and see how i will get money out of that place, then i noticed the woman selling the food, she had a bag with her, from my instincts that was were she was putting all the money she was collecting from her customers for the food, the bag was black in colour.

This time my mind was on the bag because i knew the woman had a lot of money inside, from where i sat i noticed that people where going forward to pay for their foods and all the money was going inside the bag.

After waiting for about three hours time, I decided to do something, then i went to meet her, mama sell me rice I said. How much my pikin she said in pidgin. How much be your plate i asked her, na five hundred naira she answered.

Okay oya gimme one plate i said, while she went ahead to go sell the food. I collected the food as i went back to my sit, this time, the time is past four in the evening. I’m yet to get any money, I was still thinking when i noticed the woman talking to someone, guess she want to use the restroom or maybe she’s tired and feel like relaxing, so she had called one of the maid to take charge of the food. but to my surprise she gave her the bag to hold incase she wants to give people change.

Wow i sigh, some minutes later the woman left the place while a girl of her 20th years took charge of the business, just like the OT I had gotten from Bro Afeez, I went straight to her, hello sister, seems madam is calling you, I pointed to a direction that leads out of the restaurant.

Okay she said as she dropped the bag and went to the direction, guess she must have feared her madam that she couldn’t think rightly, immediately i noticed she’s out of the restaurant i stylishly picked the bag as i followed another way out of the place. after some minutes walk I took a bag, before i went home that evening. the time was 6:45pm that evening. I was the first person to get home and I’m very sure no one would beat my bag. I will be the leader today i said jokingly.

After about an hour, Bro Afeez came too, before Bro Stanley later came inside.

As usual bro Afeez has ordered me to go on the generator which i did. Then we start to count. They ask for my own portion which I gave them the bag, bro Afeez was a bit surprised, Oh boy! how you take carry this kind bag and them no catch you he asked. I smiled. He asked for bro Stanley portion, I was surprised when i saw him brought out nine purse and seven android phones. Chinekene he screamed. Baddo.

we both burst into laugh when Bro Afeez brought out three purse as what he could get for the day. My bag was the first, that bro Afeez counted the money inside. It was exactly three hundred and fifty thousand naira. Wow I screamed. Then we counted bro Stanley purses .

All the money acquired from the purpose was over
Six hundred thousand naira, plus ATM card and it pin was also written down somewhere inside the purse. Maybe the owner was been sent by someone to help him or her withdraw before Bro Stanley caught him/her. We got over
Five hundred thousand naira from the the ATM transaction, all total money bro stanley made was over one million naira. Bro Afeez from the three purse that he brought, all the money we got was one hundred and fifty thousand naira only, seeing this he shouted Baddo!!!! This was how bro Stanley got the name Baddo.

And became the leader of the crew.


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