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The Game I Played - S01 E11 (Story Episode)

The Game I Played - S01  E11 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 11

Anita's POV

After we got to uncle Ebuka’s house. I thought it’s the end of our suffering, since the news we have always heard about him is always good, we thought we are going to feel comfortable here.

But we got it wrong, I can’t believe that every man are always the same despite the fact that we’re related in one way or the other. We got to realize that he got divorced with his wife, the reason wasn’t too clear, and since I’m not really interested in the story, i don’t bother to ask him about it. But then i noticed him somehow, he will be going around hiding and wanting to see my nakedness, but since i don’t want be optimistic about it, I played along with him thinking it wasn’t real, maybe i was the one getting it wrong. He’s a chatted accountant and he worked in one big company here in the state, so i don’t know his problem.

This certain day, he came back from work and Amaka was sleeping though i slept too, but i quickly woke up earlier that afternoon. So i was putting on a rapper to cover my body, I was at the bathroom that afternoon when he came back from work, it hasn’t been his usual doing to come back at that time, but since he own his house and no one has the right to question him about his whereabouts. Who’s that i asked the person knocking at the door before he eventually open the door, I guess he must have noticed that i was the one in the bathroom, so he had hide himself at one corner of the house, I couldn’t believe when i saw him at the corner of the house looking at my nakedness, I just pretend not to see him, this time there’s no reason to hide for him anymore, I picked my rapper as i went inside my room.

After some minutes later, he came inside the room with his boxer. Seeing him i knew he’s up to something, then he locked the door as he approach me, I beg him to stop, but he wasn’t seeing that as any excuse, this time I knew he was not thinking rightly, he wasn’t looking at me or felt any feelings for me. I tried stopping him, before i could decide on what to do, he had grab me on my neck, this time he has taken charge of my body, I can’t even speak again, I was getting hurt, his hand has pin my neck that i was forcing myself to breath, I just wish someone can save me from him, I’m powerless i dont even get myself, he had opened the rapper, that time he had got me naked, I saw him smiled ,but I’m powerless to do anything, all that i was praying for was for him to release the hand from my neck so i will be able to breath again because he had pin my neck to the bed, so he started touching all my private part, I felt pain because the last time i was raped, I haven’t use any medicine, so it was hurting, I was crying but he wasn’t seeing that as an excuse, some minutes later he off his boxer which make me see his manhood, God i screamed, does that means I’m going to be rape again before i could finish thinking, he had already instruct his manhood which makes me moan. After 30minutes , he came, sperm was all over me, I’m sure he had got himself satisfied before he later left the room. I cried but no one was there to hear my story.

I picked my phone as i dial Bro Stanley numbers , but the number wasn’t going through, after some minutes, Amaka came inside the room and saw me crying, she asked but i lied that i just miss mama that died, she felt somehow about this but I’m sharp enough to gear her up.

Stanley POV

After the operation we all went too, I was surprised myself when we counted the money that came from my side, it was over one million naira, so i could become a millionaire with just a day operation. I smiled.

Then i have removed my SIM cards and the reason was because i don’t want anyone to call me again, so i brought new sim while i brake the SIM cards. It was later i got to realize that i have lost my sister number from the destruction even uncle Ebuka number has gone and the funniest thing is that i don’t do back up. I didn’t know bro Ebuka house, but i remember that he sent me the address and it was still on the same SIM what the f--k is this, i groan. Now that i have money, I can have my sisters with me and they can go back to school i said, how do i get them, uncle Ebuka is the only relative that i had known since the death of our parents, so now that i don’t have his number makes me feel bad.

This was all that was running on my head when Abdul came inside , watin happen Baddoo he teased, I explained everything to him, we can get them he said, how, where is the place, I said its somewhere there in north, but i don’t the exact place i answered. Maybe we should try, Afeez said while he opened the door, guess he must have been listening to our conversation. Let go find them, we can get them if we go there he concluded.

I felt relieved, this are my family, they want the best for my family. The following day we went to buy a Sport Camry Car. so we planned to go find them the following day. The next morning i have wake up as early as possible, around 9 o’clock in the morning we are all set, we drove, Abdul was the one that drive while i sat beside him, Afeez was at the back as the journey continues, we talked gist and played so the journey was really fun. After about 11hours driving we got to the north.

Wow Kano is a good city just that their road isn’t good Abdul commented.

But why is everywhere dirty like this, I asked him. I can’t believe that everyone was speaking Hausa, but thank God for Afeez who had based in Kano before, so he was able to communicate with the Hausa’s over there. We searched around the owl city but we couldn’t find them.

We spent three days in Kano and we couldn’t find them, so i told them to let leave Kano and go back to Lagos. So we left the following day . We got to Lagos around 6am in the morning.


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