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The Game I Played - S01 E12 (Story Episode)

The Game I Played - S01  E12 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 12

Stanley POV
After we got home that day, firstly I’m not happy and the reason was because i couldn’t find my sisters, but then another thing came to my mind. Uncle Ebuka is wealthy to take care of the two girls, I don’t have to worry much about it, just that, I wish i could send them to school again, I want the best for my sisters , this was all that was running on my head when Afeez came in, it’s time he said. I looked at him in a way that means I’m ready too. We both went together while Abdul was left behind, the reason was because he wasn’t feeling fine, I noticed him earlier that morning when we got back from Kano yesterday. So i told him to rest while we go on our way.

We took a bike to Apapa just like the Lagasian we call it. This place is cool but do you think we can get a good return from here i whispered to Afeez who was listening to music through his earpod.

Don’t worry he answered. We looked for a restaurant where they sell drinks. Afeez ordered for a beer. I don’t usually drink things like this, but Afeez had told me to always take it, firstly i wanted to order for mineral but Afeez was fast enough to signal the girl to bring two beer. After some minutes the lady came with the drinks.

Then i noticed the girl, she was seriously stunning , her figure 8 curve could make a bad man fall. Don’t you see that girl, I whispered to Afeez hear. She’s not too bad she said.

But i wasn’t seeing that as an advantage. Hello I called her after she was about leaving our present. Sorry to disturb you. I’m Stanley, oh okay. I’m Ifeoma she answered.

So you’re a ibo girl, what state are you from. I was surprised when she mentioned my state. Warri. Wow, I’m also from Warri too, we talked and gist before she later gave me her number. I knew Afeez wasn’t feeling okay with my decision to be talking to her while he expect us to be making money. So what’s up i asked him, I noticed him looking at a direction, what is he looking at, I looked at the direction then i saw a big house very close to where we stood.

Wow I hope we can get inside this house, just imagine the type of money we’re going to see he said. Really do we also go into houses, I thought it was just picking pocket, before i could finish talking he tap my head. See you, he said.

You don’t still have to be doing like a small boy, we all want to make money here in Lagos forget about the means we use in getting them, what matter most now is how we’re going to go in there he said.

But seriously he must be joking. I wanted to say something when he caught me short, let go home he said.

Home, we never even make any money i said. Don’t worry we shall make it in the midnight he concluded.

Midnight, how this was all that was running on my head. We got home around 5:30pm in the evening.

Abdul who was sick before we left earlier that morning was now seen running around the streets. He noticed us before he came to welcome us.

We are going out this midnight, Afeez said. I noticed that Abdul was also surprised.

Are we traveling, he whispered to me. Truly i don’t know his plan though but i remember clearly that he said something about the beautiful house we saw in Apapa this afternoon but I never thought we are going there in the midnight. I don’t know i said.

After some hours Afeez came back from where he went too, he had left us immediately we came back from the operation claiming he wants to meet a friend.

But this time he came with a bag on his back, since it was already late, the time was after nine in the evening.

Then he sat down, he called Abdul who was by then dozing. he started bringing out items that was inside the bag, he brought out three face mask, what’s this for, Abdul mange to ask, while i was watching , it’s a mask, he answered. We’re going to use it tonight, then i now understand him clearly, are you for real that we’re going to that house I asked, he smiled, this is Lagos i told you, you will have to help yourself to get what you want, nobody is ready to help anyone here.

Then he brought out guns, God i never in my life hold gun before, he gave me one while Abdul got the other one. We shall be moving in the next one hours time he said.

Seriously i was shaking like I don’t if i should run or leave. Abdul at the other hand was just looking while smiling at the gun. Bro are you sure there’s bullets inside he asked. Yeah. Afeez answered. after some minutes, we are already in the car, but seriously i was scared, I never believed it will be up to this.

Afeez had collected the gun from us to hide, while Abdul drives , after series of turning I noticed some police men at the front, guess it’s their check point , this time I was more afraid if they caught us here we surely will be jailed for what we haven’t even done, then Abdul notice them as well, but Afeez told him to move on and told us that if they stop us we should tell them that he’s sick and we’re on our way to the hospital, I thought he was crazy, when we got there they stopped us, where are you coming from, one of the officer asked me, but Abdul was fast enough to speak, we’re coming from home, we noticed our brother this evening so we decided to rush him to the hospital, one the police pointed his touch light at Afeez who was also pretending like someone that will die soon.

I noticed that the officer is trying to get suspicious of something when i shouted. Oga he’s condition is critical, do you want him to die, i think their boss must have heard my voice so he ordered him to let us go.

Then we drove pass them. after some minutes driving we got to the house, Afeez ordered that Abdul should park the car at one corner of the bush. So he gave us the mask and the gun, I wanted to jump inside the house through the fence but thank God for Afeez who quickly stop me, JJC he teased, Don’t you know they might have dogs.

Oh you’re right then he told me to hide somewhere with Abdul as he went to knock the gate. He bang on the door.

After the third sound, someone responds, who’s that. It’s me o he replies, seriously i was just looking at him like a moron, then someone open the door. Ehen watin you want and can’t you see say time don go he said. Sorry to disturb you my guy, I get appointment with Oga but na traffic con nack me down since morning abeg no vex. You go come back tomorrow the guy said while wanting to close the gate, but Afeez was fast enough to hold the gate, Haa I no fit go back now, okay if you no mind make i sleep here with you and tomorrow i go see oga he said, firstly the guy said no but later consider him, they both went inside.

Me and Abdul was now looking at ourselves like what’s wrong. Maybe he had a plan i whispered to Abdul who was still wondering on what to do.

After about 30minutes, the gate got opened again then Afeez whispered that we should come inside, we quickly followed him.



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