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The Game I Played - S01 E14 (Story Episode)

The Game I Played - S01  E14 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 14

Stanley POV
God i screamed when Afeez ask me to check the money, I have never in my life seen money like that, I mean a Ghana must go bag full with money. It was like a dream.

We got home the following morning, everything was just like a magic to me, then i remembered how far i have suffered, does that means this will be end of all my suffering I smiled. I remembered Anita my poor sister, I wish she’s here to witness this money, I’m wealthy now I said to myself.

Abdul caught me short from my imagination, Baddo, I swear i like this kind operation he said, yeah it’s good, at least we can all start a new life again i said. Yeah but I go try find another connection like this make we see big money, really it was then i got to realize that Abdul and Afeez never got the mind to stop stealing, this is money, we can start up a business, this was my conversation with Abdul I was like trying to convince him that we can live a better life now since we got money, this was what i was saying when Afeez came in, Baddo, no go dull yourself oo, see make i tell you, this is Lagos, we got lots of people that has more than this money in their house, why do you have to withdraw, we can get more money he said.

Seriously i can’t believe this people aren’t thinking the way I’m thinking, I called Afeez, come to think of it, if you start a cloth business do you know how much you will make i said. Before i could finish talking he tap my head while laughing , we’re talking of millions here, you’re talking of clothes he said.

God how hell would i convince him that i don’t want to do this again, I sigh . The following morning I was expecting him to share the money maybe then i can run from them after i must have collected my share, but he wasn’t doing that, and it even doesn’t seems like we’re going to share the money because since our arrival from the operation, Afeez had not name mentioned about the money, what’s wrong with him self, maybe i should ask him I said to myself. I went to meet him that morning, Afeez i called, baddo he teased, how far now he ask. I’m fine, just want to talk with you I said, really i saw him stand proper, what’s it he asked. It’s about the money, which money he asked. Seriously the question wasn’t really okay to me, do we have any money at home before I said in my mind, the money from the last operation I manage to say.

What’s wrong with the money he asked. Seriously Afeez has started to get me angry , what’s wrong with you I shouted at him, then i saw him laughing, Igbos people too like money he said. Abeg no follow me play rough play, how we wan do the money I asked, but i was surprised when he told me that he had already went to deposit the money in his bank account.

What!!! When and why did you do that without anyone awareness I asked him this time my head was already stunning. I walked away from his front, Abdul was seen playing TV game alone, maybe he noticed my eyes, Baddo watin happen he called. Can you believe what Afeez went ahead to do without our knowledge, what’s that bro he asked. Just go and ask him about the money I said to him while i walk inside the room.

Abdul's POV
I was in the room playing what i love best, it’s a TV game. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. The mission was hard but thank goodness for some cheats, don’t worry the guys would understand what i mean by cheat. I was really having fun with the adventure game when Baddo came inside, but seriously i never see him get angry like this before, Baddo watin happen i asked him, but his response makes me wonder what’s wrong with the money, I went to meet bro Afeez who was at that time laughing uncontrollably.

Why is he laughing while Baddo is angry. Bro watin do Badoo i ask him, I’m just teasing him, he too like money, and na still him they talk say he wan do business.. We both smiled. The money is with me and i hide it in a secure place he said, hearing that makes me feel relieved.

But what’s wrong with Baddo he just spoiled everything for me, I couldn’t finish the mission again. I went inside to meet him which i later explained everything to him. After some hours, I noticed some police around the streets, seriously my mind couldn’t think rightly again, it was as if they’re coming for us, I went inside to hide then Baddo and Bro Afeez had went out to an unknown place because they never told me they will be going out and I myself didn’t believe that they will stay long like this.

I was still meditating when i heard a knock sound at the door, i almost fainted, they’re not at home I shouted , then a voice told me to open up, just like i have guess, it was an officer of police. Sorry to disturb you , but we heard that some gang went to steal at the other street so they were going from house to house to check everyone’s house, they went inside the house as they kept on searching, I was just praying in my mind that bro Afeez should have gone to hide the gun because if they see the gun it will be another problem for us.

After about ten minutes, the officer came to meet me outside, but i noticed that he didn’t have anything with him, so that relieves me a bit but one could see it all over my face that I’m very scared and the reason was because of the last operation we went to , so i was thinking if they we’re coming for us .

Why is your face like this, the officer asked seriously I’m out of words then i heard a voice from behind, he was sick before we left this morning. It was bro Afeez . Thank God i sigh before the police men later left that evening.

To Be Continued....


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