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Voice From The Past - S01 E10 (Story Episode)

Voice From The Past - S01  E10 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 10

Joan was lying on the hospital bed and looking like someone whose kidney demanded. She was just imagining what would have happen if she was dead as she was shot twice, hitting her shoulder. Her hand was bandaged completely and she was wriggling in pain. As she was lying on the bed, Mike came in together with Helen, but before that he has put a call through to Monica, telling her that Helen was in serious trouble.

Helen: Joan, See yourself now.

Joan: (Trying to ignore) what!!

Helen: Because of my husband, you nearly got yourself killed by the thugs you arranged yourself.

Joan:(trying to act smart) If it is that you are here to mock me, that is the door, so you can help yourself by leaving this room.

Mike: It is not up to that, I need to clarify something.

Helen: What is there that you want to clarify, don’t you see that this lady is wicked she almost got me killed ,if not for God.

Joan: Idiot woman, You planned to kill me first.

Helen: Ehnn, it is true when I was told you were planning to cr!pple me first.

Joan: What!! When did I say that and who told you that.

Helen: It is Monica of course, she said you were aware of …(she skipped the area) and that you wanted my husband for yourself so you need to kill me first so that you can have him for yourself.

Joan: That is a lie, I may be admiring your husband but I tell you, I can’t go to the extent of k!lling you. God will provide mine for me.

Helen: So who is the liar here now?

Joan: That Monica is a witch, she was the one that recorded your voice and played where you were threatening to have me killed. She was even the one that said I should act fast. She was the one that sent me the location where I can get you, so that the thugs can K!ll you.

Helen: What!! You mean all that happened as a result of Monica, but why she was pretending to care for me and now she is the one behind all this travails.

Joan: I swe@r she will regret this, as i will make sure she does not go scot free.

Helen: Yes , ooo
As they were talking Monica walked inside, smiling to her self but she received the greatest shock of her life. She saw Helen standing and Joan on the bed. Immediately she ran outside shouting she is a ghost and left the hospital, all the effort to tame her was to no avail.

Helen: You see life now, she can’t wait.

Joan: I think she was here to see the level of wickedness she has caused.

Helen: Yes that is it but now she has failed, I pray you recover quickly , let me go and see to my husband. Mike can stay with you.

Mike: No problem , since am not busy, I will gladly stay around her.

Helen: Thanks dear.

Joan: Thanks for your love and care. If not for you, I would be dead by now.
Monica got to her house and sat on the sofa screaming to herself.

Monica: No this is not possible, how can Joan be in that position. She was the one that planned with the boys and I texted the location, why was she hit by the thugs. It is not possible. (she paused) but wait, the two had know that I was the one behind all these, so I have to act fast, since killing will not work on them, I will also use them against each other once more, I will prove to them that I am a tough girl.( She picks up her phone and called Angelica)

Angelica: Hello, hope there is no trouble.

Monica: There is my dear, I want us to k!ll John for real now.

Angelica: What!! You want to do what, are you normal woman, or are you not in your senses.

Monica: I am normal, my plan has changed and I am ready for the real game with those people.

Angelica: But what has K!lling John has to do with the game or changed plan.

Monica: You can’t understand, send me your account and I will transfer two million to it.

Angelica: Two million, but it is too small make it five million since I will be your accomplice in cr!me.

Monica: Hmm, please it is too much what about four million.

Angelica: It is manageable, I will take that, so let me know when you are ready.

Monica : It could be in two days time, so be ready….( She made the transfer of two million naira to Angelica as a start)

Angelica: Okay I have gotten the alert….will do as you wish.

Monica: Okay thanks.

Monica was happy within her for a success in persuading Angelica but she paused and thought.

Monica: But wait, if I k!ll John and free this woman, she will expose me later, I must delete her also….she smiled to her self.

Kelvin had recovered and discharge to go home, with the support of Helen and Mike, it was easy to carry him on the chair so he can relax.

They were happy he was back at home but he still can’t do any thing. They were home rejoicing when a bang was heard on the door.

Voice: Open the door.

Mike: Who is that, and how do you enter without the gateman questioning you.

Voice: the gate was opened, please do quick in letting me in , I have an urgent message for you.

As mike moved to the door to open the door, Mike was surprised at the face he was seeing..

Mike : youuuuuuuu………


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