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Voice From The Past - S01 E11 (Story Episode)

Voice From The Past - S01  E11 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 11

Tips for all
– Your present situation will only strengthen you to take charge of the future ones.

As Mike opened the door it was Monica that was standing right in front of him. He was surprised and couldn’t believe his eye.

Mike: You!!!

Monica : (pretending to be frightened and shaking) yes es yess….it issss me

Mike: (he couldn’t belive his eyes) what are you doing here and what is your mission in this place woman.
Monica: ( Trying to force her way inside) Something terrible has happened and I need to tell you guys.

Mike: (still blocking her way) what is it, you see woman, we are just arriving from the hospital, so this your bad news should be only for you and you alone.

Monica: Please just let me in.
After some minutes of persuasion, Helen asked her to be allowed in so as to know what really brought her there.
Helen: ehn, ehn, what is it this time, woman?

Moonica: (Pretending to be afraid ) As I was coming this evening to apologise for the evil I had cause you, your family and our dear friend Joan, I saw something terrible .

Helen&Mike: What is it.

Monica: Please before I speak I need to see Kelvin to know how better he is.

Helen: Am sorry you can’t for now, he is resting.

Monica: (Feeling uncomfortable) You see, I know I have offended you guys, please have mercy on me and find a place in your heart to forgive me.

Mike: It is okay, we have heard, what is the scary thing you saw….

Monica breathe in deeply and said in a frightful tone.

Monica: As I was coming, I saw the dead body of John in a nearby bush , already swollen with a tape beside it….I was shocked.

Mike: Taken aback a little, but woman what were you doing in the bush.

Monica: I was having fever, so I asked one of my friend to accompany me to get some local herbs since the medicine I was given was not working. As we were in the bush, we stumbled on a stick and almost fell, it will have been fatal if not for the help of my friend. As I was about standing up, behold it was the sight of a man’s corpse. We ran away and went to call some guys to help us and on getting there it was the corpse of John that was there with a video tape. We took the tape and it was played by the time we opened it , Behold…..she paused.

Helen: (already shaking and urinating all together in her bum shorts ) and what….(her voice began to stammer)

Mike:( Looking at Monica and shivering also) and what Madame ( he was cleaning the sweat that had gathered at his forehead.

As these was going on Kelvin had moved nearer to them while they were discussing.

Monica: ( on sighting Kelvin she continued) I saw Helen in the video pushing John down and he hit his head on the ground.

Kelvin: What is that and what do you mean by that, my own Helen a murderer.

Monica: Yes she was in the video….

Mike: (Already frustrated as plan was dashed with the death of John) so are you saying she k!lled him.

Monica : I think so but am yet to confirm.

As they were speaking policemen like five marched in and ordered the arrest of Helen, who was screaming to her husband and Mike to help her. Kelvin could not stand as a result of his condition, while Mike could not move an inch, maybe because of the threat of the policemen or as a result of the shock he got from John’s death. He thought to himself..(I wanted to use John for my own selfish interest of getting Helen to my side, now she is being taken to the station and since it is mu*dered case, I doubt it if she will be free.

Helen: Please don’t allow them take me away.

Monica: (smiles a bit seeing her weeping ) please don’t take errr….she faked a collapse.

Immediately two other police men took her into the van and carried her to the hospital while Helen was taken to the police station for proper questioning and kept in the prison.

It must be noted that prior to the coming of Monica, she had arranged with Angelica and those guy she claimed to have called as witness to kill John and take his dead body to the bush. Likewise, she had told Angelica to doctor the video to make it look like it was Helen in the video and it was done perfectly without any trace of suspicion. Another thing she did with Angelica was to tell her to phone the police station about the incident, which worked out well as planned.

After three weeks of questioning and Helen was unable to provide a satisfactory answer she was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment with hard labour. She got this sentence as a result of the argument of her lawyer , if not, she should have been killed.

Mike couldn’t bear the loss of Helen and couldn’t face his friend after Monica had accused him of dating Helen when Kelvin was sick with pictures she snapped privately to prove. Monica stole their intimate pictures from Helen wardrobe when she had access to it during the trial of Helen in the court as she was the one taking care of Kelvin as if she was just helping and she stumbled on the pictures and showed Kelvin who fought with Mike and ended their friendship. Mike had to travel to the United States to continue with his life.
Monica could not still find her way into Kelvin’s heart in spite of her hard work and seductive dressings, so she decided to go di@bolical.

Monica: This man is giving me tough time, and with all I have done for him when he couldn’t walk , now that he can walk he is not in love with me again.

Herbalist: My daughter, no problem, I will give you a ch@rm that you will rub on your eyes and priv@te part, when next you are with him, just make sure he looks into your eyes and by through that he will fall for you and will have $#x with you and then, he will be yours forever, No matter what you tell him to do, he will surely do it without any hesistation. If you ask him to slap his mother, he will do that.

Monica: Ha, baba that is too much, I only want him to forget about Helen and let me into his life and I will surprise you if it is done. So what is the price for this and the taboo behind it.

Herbalist: It is simple, You will have to have $3x with me first, then you will now apply the charm on your part, mind you, you will be coming here every three months to give gods the $#x and apply this ch@rm or else, you are d0om…

Monica: If it is that, it is a small issue and You will enjoy me to the fullest, just let me have Kelvin and his wealth to myself….(she laughs)

H@rbalist: Okay , there is no problem, the Job is done…
Monica did what she was directed to do and went to visit Kelvin at home, she wore a s3duxtive cloths and when she reached his place, Kelvin couldn’t control himself and he slept with her….the charm began to react…

But barely three weeks after she had moved in, there was series of threatening calls to her.

Voice: Hello, you thought you are smart, I will hunt you.

Monica: Who is on the line.

Voice: You don’t need to know…

Monica dropped the call and was about moving out of the house when the door and window opened suddenly and a figure emerged…

Monica: youuuu……what are you doing ………..


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