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Voice From The Past - S01 E13 (Story Episode)

Voice From The Past - S01  E13 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 13

Kelvin together with the warder were rushed to the hospital and were given immediate treatment at the hospital. Joan was there by his side when she heard that he was suffering from food pois0ning.

Kelvin: This is strange, food P0isoning, I cooked this food myself.

Doctor: You should be thanking your star that you were brought in quickly before it spreads to every part of your body.

Kelvin: Thanks doc. Am really grateful.

Joan came into the ward to check on Kelvin who was still lying on the bed.

Joan: But how come you were pois0ned, who prepared the food?

Kelvin: Myself and Monica that prepared it, but I noticed she asked me to add a particular content which she described as Andrew Liver Salt. (He reaches to his pocket and showed the sachet to the Doctor.)

He examined it very well and exclaimed.

Doctor: Oh my God, this is suicide , how can you add ab0rtion pill into your food.

Kelvin: (His eye widely opened) what do you mean by that doctor. Ab0rtion drugs.

Joan was shocked on hearing that and she could hide her surprise.

Joan: For what, what is the use of Ab0rtion drug in food, this is really critical.

Kelvin: Like I told you, it was Monica that asked me to put it into the food and that was what I knew.

Joan: Then there must be a reason to this w!cked action by Monica.

Doctor: I think this case should be reported to the police with immediate effect.

Kelvin: I was told by the other warder that an investigator had taken up the case and had promised to look into the matter with high level of dexterity.

Joan&Doctor : That is nice , if they can do something like that with immediate effect.

Joan: But why will Monica want to do this, after all we suffered in her hands.
Inside the sitting room , Monica was being questioned rigorously by James and his team. She was being quizzed that all her attempts to lie fell at deaf ears, she was not allowed to make calls and any incoming calls were being monitored to know her conversation.

James: you see, madame, with due respect, we should not be conducting this here but at our station, but since you are still a suspect and your husband is a high profile figure in the society, we will not ridicule you.

Monica: Thanks officer, but you see the way things are going , I don’t understand and I don’t think I will continue with this interrogation. May be you should meet with my lawyer.

James: (smiles) It is better you cooperate madame because we understand your position as being influential, that is why we decided to allow you stay in your house but if you say you are bringing your lawyer, then we should meet at the station and I know you will not like that.

Monica: (smiles wickedly) You see officer, all these things you are handling seriously can be solved amicably( She laughs).

James: As in?

Monica: (readjust herself on the sofa) you just send me your account and I will credit it with fifty million and you will change the case and allow it to favour me.

James: Wow, that is very nice of you madame, but am sad to tell you that, am not a corrupt policeman, I am upright, so it is better you watch what you say or else I will be forced to humil!ate you.

They continue like that till around 6 pm in the evening. She was questioned on the person that cooked the food and what was added into the food.

Monica: You know what , it was Kelvin that cooked it, I only help him in supervising so as not to get it burnt.

James : Okay, so what were the thing you felt he added into the food.

Monica: You know what officer, since Helen has been in the prison, Kelvin has been saying he needs to get rid of the child in her womb , so he brought out a powder and said we should put it into the food.

James: Are you saying he did it deliberately.

Monica: Yes , before Helen was convicted, Kelvin was having affairs with me secretly that he professed his love for me, he was always thinking of Helen as an hindrance and he decided that we should find a way of eliminating her. He planned it but I didn’t support the plan.

James: Madame, when he was making all these wicked plans and since you were not in support, why didn’t you report the case to the police station.

Monica: (Feeling terrible) You see, he cautioned me not to talk, that he will k!ll me just like he was an accomplice to the killing of Angelica a lady. ( she paused)

James: What!, you mean he is a murder3r.

Monica: More than that, because he wanted to cover his dirty deeds, he fought with his friend Mike and they went their separate way. To shed more light into all his atrocities, he knew that Helen and John were into unholy affairs at his back so he plot his death with the help of his wife Helen.

James: But how come he was doing this and was going scot free.

Monica: (begging to sob) I only pity for Joan and Helen, he used both women and send thugs to k!ll her through the help of his friend Mike and his wife. I still have the voice of his wife threatening to k!ll Joan and they did but thank God she is not yet de@d.

James: So please can we have the tape and the video recording of your cooking together.

Monica: why not, she went in and brought them out.

James: Thank You madame, you have really tried but you should have reported earlier.
Monica( Burst into tears) report what, he threatened to feed me to dogs if I make any statement. Officer, I have been living like a pris0ner here oo.

James : Don’t worry we will see to your freedom.

Monica: Please that woman at the pris0n , what will you do having known all she has done as an accomplice in cr!me.

James: She will spend her life in pris0n. she is W!cked.

Monica: Yes, very w!cked…(she smiles and thought to herself, if only you know that Helen is your mother, the resemblance is there, you will send your mother to life impris0nment yourself).

James thanked her and was about to leave with his team when the door was flunged opened with force.

Angelica marched in with full force and with armed policemen.

Angelica: That is the woman, arr3st her.

James: What, it is impossible.

Police Office: (shows their identity) we are ordered to arre3t this woman.

Monica: you can’t do that…in my house.

Police Officer: Whatever, you say here would be used against you in court so behave yourself.

James was speechless and he allowed her to be taken away with Angelica shouting, W!cked woman…..


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