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Hannah And I - S01 E02 (Story Episode)

Hannah And I - S01  E02 (Story Episode)

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My mum parked her car in the parking space provided. We got down from the Camry and made our way towards an office; the principal’s office I guess. I was right, as we moved closer to the office there was an inscription above the door “The Principal’s Office”.

We entered the large office painted with white and blue colour, it has well furnished chairs and tables in it, computer is present in the office and a laptop on which he was working on. When he saw us, he stopped what he was doing and welcomed us.

After discussing with my mum, we were led by him to a class which as an inscription on it, “Senior Secondary School 2” boldly written above the door. The students stood up to greet us ( us? Maybe I should say my mum and the principal.) The principal introduced me to the student and gave me a seat. I didn’t like where my seat was for I was surrounded by girls. I started to question myself if I would be comfortable in the class.

My mum and the principal left me to my fate. I started scanning the class and was able to get the number of students in it; eight girls and seven boys, I made the eighth boy. Equation balanced, I thought.

“This is S.S 2 Science Class A”, I heard a guy annouced.

“My name is Samuel, they call me Sam, I am the class captain and you’re welcome to our midst”, he continued.

“I am Femi, my friends call me Phemloid and I’m excited to be in this class”, I replied.

He started introducing other students to me but I was lost when he introduced me to a girl, Hannah, as his girlfriend. Hannah is fair and good looking, her smile presented the face of the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I smiled and knew I have got a girlfriend for myself already, forget Sam, I will know how to deal with him. My heart beat when I saw her that’s when I know a chemistry is between us.

But, will it be easy for me?


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