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Hannah And I - S01 E12 (Story Episode)

Hannah And I - S01  E12 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 12

‘Suprised to see me?’ The smiling Susan asked.

‘You ought to inform me before you come, what if you meet my absence?’

‘I’m sorry about that. I was at Tade’s house which is not far from her’ she replied and kissed me.

‘Who is Tade?’

‘Jealous boyfriend. Tade is a friend and no more question on that’ she replied with a straight face.

‘Well, I’ll be having a visitor soon and it would be unwise for the person to meet you here’

‘You are not telling me to leave, are you?’

‘Maybe I was saying you should use the orange painted door’

‘Phemloid, are you out of your sense? And who the heck is the visitor? A male or a female?’ she asked angrily.

‘A herma’

‘I didn’t get that’

‘A hermaphrodite’ I said and hissed ‘I don’t know what your concern is about who wants to visit me.’

‘Wow’ she was dumbfolded

‘I should have my privacy. Leave now’ I said pointing at the door

‘I’m not leaving. That Hermaphrodite will meet me here. Blood cheat’ She yelled.

‘In my house?’ I asked her and laughed

‘Not your house, dickhead. In the house my mom got for us’ she replied and sat on one of the sofas

‘Well, you face whatever happens to you then’ I replied and sat on another couch

Truth, her mom got the house for both of us to live but I pleaded with Susan to let me get another house so that I will focus on my studies. Living with a girl like Susan would be a difficult adventure. We would just be f-----g every now and then. I persuaded her to agreeing but instead of allowing me to get another apartment, she got it for herself. After some minutes, she left only to return with her baggage.

‘Okay, fine, drop your load in the other room’ I said and pointed to the second room which was well furnished but empty.

When she was about to enter the door, Hannah walked in and cast a deadly look at us.

‘Hey b---h, so it’s you?’ Susan spoke

‘Welcome, honey’ I smiled and kissed Hannah.

‘I said why are you here’ Susan shouted.

‘Stop barking at me. Coming to my boyfriend’s place is not a crime,’ Hannah replied

‘And who is your boyfriend?’ Susan asked.

‘Use you head, dear. There’s only on guy here’ Hannah said calmly and I was really enjoying the show.

‘Him?’ Susan gestured at me.

‘No, her’ Hannah hissed and kissed me.

‘Hope someone is not jealous?’ Hannah asked and we laughed.

I saw rage in Susan’s eyes and I knew she could be dangerous when angry. I held Hannah’s hand and made to leave when Susan three the glass cup on the table at her. I was quick to see the incoming object and pull Hannah from it which made the cup hit my head.

‘Mission failed’ I laughed at her.

‘Motherfucker, you’ll pay for this’ Susan said and stormed out of the house with her bag.

I wasn’t moved by her threat because I was ready for any action that might follow.

Though I knew what could follow would be a disaster to my family. I had to do that because I can’t resist Susan’s body for a day and that could mean losing Hannah. Hannah doesn’t allow me to go down with her but I was very okay with it.

‘What if I didn’t come? Would you have allowed her to stay? Can you stand her seduction or I spoilt your plan of going down with her?

‘No jhor thank God you came’

‘It’s fine. I wish she never comes here again’ Hannah said.

‘Well, I can’t say whether she would come or not’

‘But sweetie, don’t I deserve to know why she’s been a thorn?’ Hannah asked almost in tears. I Hummed

‘You better tell me today or leave your life for good!’ She added

The last thing I would do is to let Hannah leave my life. I would be so empty and useless so I decided to tell her everything when she promised not to leave me no matter what it might result into.


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