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Hannah And I - S01 E13 (Story Episode)

Hannah And I - S01  E13 (Story Episode)

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 13

‘It all started when dad was still alive. He was in his life the C.E.O of Winks Import and Export Trade Limited, a company that deals in importation and exportation of raw materials. Mr. Willock, Susan’s dad was his best friend and according to what we were made to believe, they’ve been friends since their childhood.

The two men used to do things in common and the relationship brought both families together. We party, play, travel together.

Dad trusted his friend so much since they were childhood friends. All went well between both of them and both families until on day. Dad went on trip to Bavaria, Germany. It took him a very long time before he returned to Nigeria. It was a shock to him when one of his co-workers told him that Mr. Willock had had his way into the hearts of the Board of Directors.

Mr Willock knew where he kept all his documents and he took important ones that was enough to send dad behind bars and burnt them. He also withdrew the company’s fund and framed my dad for it. When dad reported to work, he was asked to defend himself but he couldn’t. Thereafter, he was relieved of his post as the CEO and demoted to a casual worker. Weeks later, Mr. Willock was made the CEO.

After this, people advised my dad to leave the company but he was adamant to heed to their advise. Hatred grew within dad and Susan’s dad and the only thing on dad’s mind was revenge. Mom told him to leave revenge for God but dad wouldn’t listen. I wish he heeded to his wife’s advise.

One a sad day, dad went to his friend’s house on a revenge mission where he met his doom!’. Mr. and Mrs. Willock was watching a T.V show when my dad entered. They were surprised to see him because he had not visited them since things changed in their workplace.

My dad got into a heated conversation about how one was framed and the other was enjoying.

This led to a fight between them and since dad was built and more huge than his friend, he had the upper hand in the fight. Mrs. Willock who was conceiving Susan then entered into their room only to return with a gun. She aimed and shot…


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