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Fausa Eleja - S02 E06

Fausa Eleja - S02  E06

Read Story: SEASON 2 EPISODE 6

…….I looked into my phone screen and saw seye’s name….

I picked it up and we started conversing

me: oya baddo of life kilowa

seye: big man hwfa now?

Me: i just dey o..,hopena home you dey dis time around and not club?

seye: wich kyn qst b dat…..were you not in class for the test

today ni?

me: wich test….

Seye: mathematics now

me: haaaaa.i neva hear anytin now…na house i dey jawe

seye: me self don dey house. i left school immediately we finished the test

me:goodd so me don missed a test be that right?

seye: that one no concern me, alaye na 1 rumor i dey hear 4 town o

me: wetin be dat? I neva hamer nw…wetin dem

dey talk about me?

Seye: ogbeni na story about you, seyi and the girl

wey dey sell fish

me: wetin u dey hear

seye: dont tel me na true o

me: wetin na ?

Seye: i hear say u liv seyi 4 fausa?

Me: naso bro….but shey b na ur advice I followed?sey mak i

find som 1 i go dey bleep for outside if seyi refuse to giv me her own toto to sample

seye: you are right but i never tellyou to quit therelationship now, did i?…unawan kill the girl bah?

me: kill bawo?

Seye: com see how dem dey talk am for school sey she always get mad in lecture room…dey said u will call her for like 4times before she go answer you

me: woo (see) alaye liv that 1 jare….i get gist 4 u

seye: me too get gist for you but yours first

me: no p….if u see how fausa dey satisfy me

with sex, infact if we cover the show and sell am for public, am gona becom a p--n superstar asap in a short time

seye: thats gud nw..shey b na wetin u want bedat..,..but count meout from the show o. no be me advise u to switch fromm seyi to fausao…….

Me: guy let leave dat aside jare…wetin u wan gist

me jur

seye: how u go take bliv me….u wey don fall in

love already

me: say wetin una wan say jur..,….shey i b romeo ni?

Seye: ok o..,.na ur wife i see now at tee crown barand suite…with our sug gen sec….

Me: lol, may be they have something fishy ni

seye: ode (fool) if u b sombi,me no b dejo..cos ah be confam omo’gboro…..shey u no go knw different

between business partners and sex partners? If u see

how them do enterbar. i bet it u go faint..com see how dey cuddled themself while drinking…

Me: are you serious?

Seye: siddon there….wat shock me most was the kissing they give to each other, I never think the gurl don give you the kind before

me: bro free me now…..am having headache. Let chat on bbm later

seye: ok bro., you better think very well before too

late for you., ….he hung up……..

…….this guy must be a tragic lier jur………it can’t be true lailai, how my one and only fausa will be flirting around upon every services I render to her…. What else is she looking for????? Yes can’t be true,, it might be na plan work of seye and seyi to scatter this relationship…..


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