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The President’s Daughter And I (18+) by Vict-Vames [completed]

The President’s Daughter And I (18+) by Vict-Vames [completed]
This Story “The President’s Daughter And I” Is Solely Written By:
Victor U James (Vict-Vames)
No part of it should be reproduced in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.

The story is 100% fiction. Nothing in the story is real. Pure imagery made by me.

WhatsApp: 2347060981481
Email: vicson47@gmail.com
Author: VictVames

All Rights Reserved ©2015.



I find it impossible and unbelievable to imagine
that the whole President of Nigeria’s Daughter
is schooling in Nigeria. No fear of
assassination or kidnapping whatsoever.
Although she got her two bodyguards around
her at all time (A male and a female) which i
thought they weren’t enough. She is cool, not
acting spoilt, not showing of her background
and she’s kind of nice to the nice.
I always stare at her whenever she walk
pass, i make sure she doesn’t catch me ‘coz
it’d be embarrassing to me. I’m the coolest
among my peer groups, i keep to my self, talk
less, laugh alot at jokes and funny stuffs,
intelligent, brave not afraid. I always believe
that i’m strong, very strong to defeat my
enemies at all times. I stay out of trouble ‘coz
i hate trouble, but how would i stay out of
trouble if i get involved with the President’s
daughter? Find out from this intriguing story

Victor U. James (Vict-Vames)


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