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My Distraction [completed]

My Distraction [completed]
by goodheart02


Just felt like sharing this story

Am resident doctor in one of the state owned institutions.And a high flying one @ that.

My s-x ordeal with Nurse Ebere is one I won’t forget in a hurry during the course of my clinical posting @ a school’s teaching hospital.

Nurse Ebere,a buxom lady with all the curves at the right places,has one of the biggest boobs av ever seen.Or is it her nyash….unpackable.

I often stared @ her voluptuous hips whenever she walked past in those sexy nurses pinafor.On occasions we would steal glances @ each other and pretend.

One fateful morning,on one of my marathon ward to ward assessment,I was paired with Ebere.

There was a thump in my heart when I discovered she was to assist me that day.

But I must confess,I could seldom concentrate on the patients vitals cos my gaze was on those ample bossom beside me.Ebere was a bad girl…real bad as she shoved her warm bossom “accidentally” onto my torso severally while she assisted me.Already my 7? python was rearing its head.To worsen matters,while i sat taking records,her pen dropped (or rather she dropped it).Lo and behold she bent like an athlete with her massive ikebe facing me to pick it up revealing a set of chocolate juicy thighs and a little bit of her inner caucus,and a lacy pant lining ***you know how bad the nurses pinafor can be ** *And that was it.I couldnt take it any longer.

My cocker was on the verge of explosion.
I rounded off and left.

Thank goodness the old patient was asleep and didn’t see me staring.

Though I narrated the event to my colleagues ,they jested about it.But what surprised me most was the fact that the babe hardly talked to me. ”Well lets see how it goes” I said to myself.

On one occasion,while I sat in the hospital common room flipping through a medical text,my distraction walked in.

Sat opposite me at the other end and was scribbling into a file.But my eyes could not miss the slightly parted thighs infront of me….giving me a faint view of her v shaped crotch clad in a pure white p@anties. ”Er erm” i swallowed hard.

And she looked up pretending not to notice my plight.

To my utter amazement,she walked directly and sat beside me. ”Can you pls elaborate on this terminology” her ethereal voice stirred me to contiousness…..I looked into the file and delivered;but all the while,I could feel the heat radiating from her body.

And taking quick peeks into the top of her cleavage I imagined what it would feel like to caress those jugs.When I was through,she looked @ me and smiled for the first time.

”I knew you were smart ”
she said. ”Thanks for the brief lecture”.She got up to pack her files slowly,bending forward, giving me enough time to view her t--s hanging at the mercy of their weights.

I was tongue tied.When she was through she smiled @ me again. ”I have to take my leave doc” was all she said as she brushed my lips with her index finger (I gaped) and walked away,swaying her booty seductively.

”This is just the begining.

There is more to come and i must nail this hottie”,
I thought to myself.


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