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Isabella [completed]

Isabella [completed]
Written by sky prince.

Etzskyprince7@gmai l.com


prologue →→↓

mermaids are said to be supernatural water beings created by the almighty to protect the water.it might’ve sound Like a mythology or superstitious to the hearings of a modern man but deep down in the oceans,rivers and lakes we can’t deny the fact that those supernatural beings exist On the earth.

isiama river is a dreaded mighty river in the outskirt of eastern part of Nigeria,imo state to be precise. legend had it that the river contain some supernatural water beings that usually appear to someone who needed their help granting the person whatsoever he or she desire ranging from wealth, Fruit of the womb,cleansing from a particular sickness that seem incurable to the traditionalist and they can be seen in broad daylight warming their body at the River bank.some cases of people who suddenly develop one problem or the other After encountering them at the River with an evil intentions were also oriented as they partake in cleansing the community from evil.this continue for so many years until a son of ezenite who travel out of the community for a long period of time returned to the community with some White men and they desecrated the water.he died at the back along with the foreigners with him but the queen of the water punished the whole community immensely pouring her wrath on them in full .there was no cry of baby in the whole community and their Land yielded no friut leaving the total village in famine as countless number of the people died of hunger including all the river beings Born by humans who were summon back to the river kingdom .they later appease the river queen and she lifted her wrath from the community but made a decree that no help shall come from the water to the eartherns ever again and so it was for decades and centuries past.

deep down isiama river,the queen mother is seen seating on a long throne with a golden Crown on her head shinning so bright.a golden sceptre could be visibly seen on her hands as she move on the throne swaying her body and her mermaid tail to the sweet rhythm been coerce by her subject who were singing in dancing in praises of their Queen.

“isiama oh, udo udo udo
isiama achalugo udo udo udo
isiama Kele oh, udo udo udo
isiama mmiri udo udo udo.
isiama mmiri Kele udo udodo”.

they sang joyously swinging their beautiful self along with their colourful beautiful tails which were designed by precious river pearls.then the Queen Mother raised her sceptre and silence take over the waterphere.the Queen Mother rested her sceptre on her laps and she stare at all her subject present one after the other.”ututu mma mmiri “she greeted in the popular acronym dialect by the people which was translated as Good morning by the English.”i know you all must be wondering why I call for this meeting at this hour of the day,i am here to declare it openly today that the decree made two centuries ago is about to be broken”.she bluntly said and the water subject assemble in roles stare at themselve in awe.

“but why my queen,we all know what we passed through when emeka obinwa desecrated this Water why must we reverse the decree made on them?”.
tracy,a beautiful mermaid with a blue tail adorned and beautify with sea shell replied and the others exclaimed in approval to her words as they were seen murmuring to themselves.

“quiet “
.the Queen Mother commanded and silence returned to the environment.

“the okenwa family have won my heart in this, they have been praying for 10 years for a child, making sacrifices immensely to the river with their fate and hope highly placed on us and I have decided to Grant them their wish”.
the Queen Mother retorted and the coherent murmurs continues.


“there is no but in this”.
the Queen Mother bluntly interrupted Tracy.

“yes queen mother”.Tracy said coolly directing her gaze on the floor.

“I will send one of you to the human world to them for the period of 30 years and you will return back to isiama when the time is due”
.the Queen Mother said staring at them all.
Just then the most beautiful mermaid of all seating close to the Queen Mother on a throne but not as Big as that of the queen and a Silver Crown on her head,stood up and swim to the Front of the queen bending her head on the floor in respect to the queen.

“I will go Mother”.she exclaimed and the whole Palace went roudy.

“oh no ISABELLA,you can’t go on this mission I need you here and your husband and children need you too”.the queen mother tried to talk his daughter out of it but she shaked her head negatively.

“mum if you really love me,grant me my only wish.i have always yearn to visit the human World and beside it is just for 30 years I will be back in no time”.

“what about your husband and children”
the Queen said and Isabella stare at her husband and two beautiful kids who seem not to be happy with their mother decision as it was boldly written on their faces.

“mum,is not like am going forever,my husband can come to check on me on every full moon and he can bring the kids along too”.
she said and the Queen stare at her defeated.

“please mother,just this to unravel the mystery in the human World”she added and the queen exhale deeply.

“OK my princess,i shall Grant your wish but you must be careful of human so many of then are evil,above all stay away from love”.she advice her daughter.

“I will mother “.Isabella exclaimed with bright smile on her face.

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