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Prisoner Of Love

Prisoner Of Love
RACHAEL, the desirable one,
Why have you treated me this way?
What wrong have I committed that you have chosen to hold me captive?

For my heart, you have completely stolen away.
And my vigour you have successfully drained like the water of a dried up well in the desert region.

Lo! I now have no more strength to resist the subtle attraction of your beauty.
Mighty, strong and powerful I thought I was.
But, oh, Rachael like dynamite you rendered me soft, weak and helpless with the power of your disarming beauty!

CLEARLY, unfettered love is what I have for you.
And like a precious gift, your companionship I greatly cherish.

Your love is sweeter than honey and like salt, it has seasoned my life.
Loveable one, please from the elixir of your love make me drink.

And in the luxury of your beauty, let my soul do find endearment.

With the wine of your loving care, oh, quench my thirst.

But in the deprivation of your companionship, please do not let me languish!
LOVE, happiness, laughter, satisfaction and tender care are what I shall give you in exchange for your love.

Deprive me of food and it may take a hundred years for me to die.

Stab me with a knife and it may take half a century for me to give up.

Shoot me with a gun and I may manage to survive.

But deprive me of your love, oh, Rachael…
And I may not live to see the next minute!

Copyright © 2017 by Qudus Oko-Osi


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