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Terrors Of The Past Season 1

Terrors Of The Past Season 1


Smart jolted out of his thought, when he felt a hand placed on his shoulder, he turned to see a young boy about his age, standing gracefully with a reassuring smile on his handsome face. He was almost the same height with Smart and equally muscular but the difference was that he was fair in complexion, while Smart was chocolate. He was wearing a medicated eye glass, with a gap tooth showing through his smiles.
Smart looked around to see that he was still sitting at the spot he was beside the flower pot, that decorated the exterior parts of the school compound. He managed a confused smile, while the guy nodded assuring him.
“I’m David Brian, but everyone calls me Dave.” The young man introduced himself.
“Oh!! Dave, nice to know. I’m Daniel Chibuike, but my friends call me Smart.” Smart said.

“Smart that looks quite fitting to your features and standing. The name Smart is a nice description of you.” Dave flattered.
“I appreciate, you are quite funny.”
“Lol, that’s how we roll. I saw you lost in
thought and you seem new here so I felt like coming over to keep you company.”
“Oh!! Dave that is thoughtful of you. Just lost In thought.”
“You must be home sick then. That is how it normally is at the beginning, but with time you will adapt to the school system. This school is filled with so much fun, that your home would
be temporarily forgotten in the long run.” Dave explained
“Which class are you in?”
“I’m in SS1C, that is the class for commercial students.” He said.
“Wow!!, I’m in SS1, but in the B section.”
“Then that makes you a pure art student.” Dave said.
SMART only nodded and immediately Dave called his attention.

“Like I said, the school is filled with fun and here is one of it..” Dave pointing to some girls who were pointing at both Smart and Dave, speaking in low tunes which signified that they were talking about them.
“Just in less than six hours of being here in school, you are already drawing the attention of the girls, this would be a lovely and adventurous term for you” Dave said with a crook smile.
Smart equally smiled and looked at the direction the girls were and said nothing but spoke out in his heart and sin consciously.
“I may be all handsome but girls are not my things. If this new friend of mine had known.” He thought.
Dave looked at his watch and said it’s almost 6 o’clock, we have to be on our way to the hostel to get our cuttleries, it’s almost time for refectory.

Smart nodded, not minding that he was not hungry but to get himself acquainted
and not to reject the guys offer. He joined him in his haste to hostel. The bell for refectory was rung, as it echoed through the ears of the students, as they could be seen making haste to
go have their dinner.

Inside the refectory hall, there were chairs surrounding a varieties of tables, with food placed on them waiting for the owner to possess them.

The refectory hall was a long building mainly occupied by chairs and tables for eating, it stood out like a miniature restaurant, but less sophisticated, but neatly arranged. The students
trooped in, in their groups, they located their table and sat down to salvage their meals, the tables were sectioned according to gender, as ladies occupied tables and the boys ike that too.

Dave took Smart to a table and they sat down, there were already some boys already occupying their own section of the table and, Dave ushered him to an empty shirt and sat on another. Dave
looked at the other guys as they throwed him the “what’s cookking look?”
“Hey!! Guys this. This is Smart, he is new to the school and as you can see a green horn, he needs guidance and help to make him adapt to the school system.

SMART here are my friends they are quite funny, you would enjoy being around them.” He said pointing at the two guys who were just mute.

” HI, I’m Daniel Chibuike. I hope on having a nice and adventurous term and time with you guys.” He said extending his hands for a handshake. They all shook hands in turn and introduced themselves.

“I’m Jeffrey, but you can call me Jeff, for short. Amongst the three.” He said pointing and smiling Dave and the other guy.
“I’m known as the funny one.” A tall guy and huge looking guy,
said with a smile radiating across his cute and well fed face.

“HI, I’m Gabriel, Gab for short. Amongst the three I’m known as the gentle and all smiling one.” Gab said through smiles that illuminated his handsome look.

“Smart to clarify you on things, Dave is known as the ladies man, amongst the three, but I don’t think he will still maintain that title, when you are here. Bro you are d--n cute.” Jeff said

with an evil grin and eyed Dave.
“You guys are not bad at all, a company of handsome and overly cute guys can get the whole girls, drooling over you guys. You have good eyes for good things.” He said referring to Dave.

“Not really, according to the rules of our
association, you stick to one girl, you can only flirt around when the girl is not serious.” Gab said.

“What do you mean, by association and keeping only to a girl. Please explain to me, I wanna know.” Smart said, as he was a kind of baffled and suspicious.

“Cool down bro, it’s not what you think. I will explain to you in the long run. We are not bad.” Dave said.

“Sure, what’s still keeping the students from eating?”

“Waiting for the reflectory prefect. The custom here is that, he would have to make sure that everything is in a good shape, before the eating would procee….” Jeff was cut short when the
noisy hall, turned quiet like a burial ground. “He is here.” he whispered.
The refectory prefect came in and led them in a popular song of:
Some have food, but cannot eat
Some can eat, but have no food
We have food and we can eat,
Glory be to thee oh!! Lord. *2
And they choruses it with an Amen.. A brief prayer was said and the students delved into their food, some ate with the ferocity of a lion, while some like Smart ate like a clumsy snail in motion.

After the dinner, the students trudged back to their hostels to have their evening bath and prepare for their night prep.


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